Punto MX

One of the places in Madrid that has me raving is a Mexican restaurant called Punto MX (Located in General Pardiñas nº 40, Madrid). When I think of a Mexican restaurant, Mariachi hats and adobe walls come to mind but this restaurant has opted for a sleek modern look. You enter at a split level and on the upper floor you find a cozy armchair area where you can have a drink or grab a bite to eat. There is no need to make reservations to eat on the top floor. The actual restaurant is on the lower floor and currently there is a one month waiting list so it is absolutely necessary to make reservations beforehand.

Now about the food; I just can’t get enough of its guacamole, handmade in a rock mortar, and the tortillas which are made from scratch at the restaurant. Another of my musts is the chorizo verde tacos with just the right amount of spicy. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes from different areas in Mexico: panuches, sopes, enchiladas… After having gone through most of the menu I have to say that there are dishes that I like more and others that I like less but everything is tasty.


I am also a fan of the tamarind and blood orange margaritas. Recently I have discovered what they call “waters” which is a sort of flavored sorbet which don’t have alcohol and are refreshing. I especially like to start off the meal with one of these since they are an excellent thirst quencher.


Normally I find that it is difficult to find a balance between main dishes and desserts. Main dishes tend to be tasty whereas desserts tend to lack excitement. I am happy to say that the dessert menu does not disappoint. I have posted a photo of the cheesecake.


On rare occasions you can find exotic dishes which make you think that you have been transported back to Mexico.

Tacos de Chapulines


When I was first offered these tacos I had no idea what they were talking about, chapulines, I questioned wondering what in the world that was. It turns out that they are small grasshoppers which are quite popular in Mexican bars. Apparently it’s the equivalent of peanuts for them. The tacos were dressed with coriander and lime among other things and although it sounds strange they were good.

I can’t wait to go again!

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2 comments on “Punto MX

  1. bourgann says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m a little foodie myself and am constantly on the lookout for new great places to enjoy! I will definitely give this one a try!

  2. rmdelpino says:

    Hope you like it 🙂

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