Deliciosa Marta

During Christmas it is always nice to get away from the cold and go down to the Canary Islands where the weather is mild. Working on your tan on the 24th of December always feels a bit strange to me and seeing Santa surf into town is a bit peculiar. Here I thought that he only flew into town. Oh well, live and learn.

surfing santa


From the seven main islands, I always go to Gran Canaria which is the most populated of the archipelago. Even though I enjoy the relaxing ambiance I always find it a bit of a struggle to find new and exciting places to eat but this year I was in for a treat, Deliciosa Marta. Actually, I dined at this restaurant two years ago but I didn’t “love” it so I let it seep to the back of my mind, but over the past year several people have recommended it to me so I decided to give it a second opportunity and I have to say that we enjoyed our dinner there.

Deliciosa Marta is located in Las Palmas on a pedestrian street among art nouveau buildings. The long rectangular restaurant is clean and modern with a stone wall which adds a sense of warmth to the venue. I particularly liked there Christmas tree which was decorated with tags where clients wrote their wishes for 2013, a very original idea which I hope to use at home.

christmas tree

The food was good and non pretentious. I especially loved their gnocchi with truffle sauce which was curious because I am a non gnocchi fan but I found them to be soft and delightfully spongy.


Ropa vieja with cigala (crawfish) is a typical Canarian dish minus the crawfish. It was originally made with leftover meat, chickpeas, chorizo, potatoes and tomato sauce. At Deliciosa Marta they add the crawfish which gives the dish a finer feel but in my opinion there was too much chorizo which lessened the flavor of the crawfish.

ropa vieja

Steak tartar with truffle sauce and pouched-fried egg. Yes, I am a truffle fan and I enjoyed this variation of the original steak tartar. Nonetheless, they have a wide variety of steak tartars to choose from.

steak tartar

If you are planning a trip down to the sun anytime soon I recommend Deliciosa Marta.

Deliciosa Marta

Calle León y Castillo 5

928 37 08 82

average price without drinks 30-35€ per person


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