La Gabinoteca

If you are looking for a fun casual place to grab a bite to eat, La Gabinoteca is the restaurant for you. It is a great place to go with a group of friends to have some good laughs or an ideal place to take out-of-town visitors.

This two-storey restaurant is decorated somewhere between a swanky and easygoing style with red, white or black tables, benches with cushions to make yourself comfy, black boards and bulletin boards with pictures pinned up. It’s sort of like being at a friend’s chic house.

The menu is made up of bite-size food so you can order several different dishes to share. So, what makes the place so fun? Well, it’s the way the food is served which is quite unexpected. The chicken wings come in a Chinese take away box.

chicken wings

The foie made to look like the crema catalana desert.


A jar filled with mashed potatoes, egg and truffle sauce.


The hot dog actually comes in a hot dog box which reminded me of the ones my mom used to buy for me when we went to the pool in summer.

hot dog

The pork jowl is served in a tin box.


And for dessert? They have this crazy dessert called “Juan Palomo”. You get a wooden box with the “pieces” of your dessert which you assemble on a white plate. It is like painting with food. We tried to resemble New York’s skyline but I have to say that this was more entertaining than tasty.


The highlight of the evening came when a magician came to our table to do card tricks. These always baffle me since I can’t for the life of me figure out how they do it but it was good fun and of course, we had a laugh.

La Gabinoteca

Calle de Fernández de la Hoz, 53

913 991 500

average price without drinks 20-25€

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