Albora has yet to celebrate its one year anniversary but it is already making a name for itself. This restaurant located on the bustling Jorge Juan Street offers two different ambiences. The ground floor is divided between the long bar area with high ceilings that have cool led lights that change color depending on the time of day and then there is another area with high chairs and stools and lower tables at the back. This informal chic area is great for an after work drink or to share some more informal plates such as the ham trilogy where you can taste three different ages of Joselito’s jamón de bellota.



The more formal dining area is on the upper floor where Jorge Dávila superbly guides you through both menu and the wine list. Once the dining commences he is discreetly aware of every detail. He has been awarded best maitre in the National Gastronomic Awards this year.

There is much to say about the wine list, where prices have a very reasonable margin so you feel comfortable ordering wine, not to mention that they have a very well chosen national and international list. If you are not really sure what to order, Jorge is great at helping you make your choice. The last time we were there we had a lovely Emmanuel Brochet “Le Mont Benoit” A.O.C. Champagne and Michel Bouzereau et Fils “Beaune 1er Cru. Les Vignes Franches” 2010 Meursault Côte d’Or “France”.

David García, a former of Martín Berasategui, is behind the scenes combining high quality produce with innovation. One of the things that I like is that you can order half portions so you can create your own tasting menu. The menu varies greatly with the time of year so if you like game, wild mushrooms…go when in season. My husband loves the way they prepare game.

Wild mushrooms with slow pouched egg

mushrooms with eggs

Thistle with pea cream and black truffle

cardo con trufa

Potato cream, slow poached egg,  truffle consommé and grated truffle




Hare a la royalé

royale de liebre

Green apple ice-cream with matcha tea cake and strawberry soup

helado de manzana verde

We feel at home at Álbora, and for us it has become a place where we know we are going to dine and wine fabulously.


Jorge Juan Street 33

917 81 61 97

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