Magnolia Bakery – cupcake heaven

Although I have mentioned several times that I lack a sweet tooth which must have fallen out with my baby teeth, I am, nonetheless, a huge cupcake fan. It must have something to do with the manageable size, the moist cake and the heavenly frosting. Out of all the cupcakes in the world, I am a true devoted red velvet with cream cheese frosting lover.

red velvet

One of my favorite cupcake bakeries, along with Sprinkles (Beverly Hills, California and lots of other locations around the US) is Magnolia Bakery. Whenever I think of Magnolia Bakery, their vintage façade on 401 Bleecker Street in the West Village, New York comes to mind but now Magnolia Bakery has grown quite a bit and they have expanded to the Middle East with locations in Kuwait City, Beirut, Doha and Dubai. It is at the latter where I was able to devour my little red cups of heaven. At the Dubai Mall, there is a Magnolia Bakery Corner in the well-known Bloomingdales department store. You can buy the cupcakes to go or there are a few tables where you can munch them down if you can’t wait to take them home. I, of course, munched there!


Not to be missed for all cupcake lovers:


2 comments on “Magnolia Bakery – cupcake heaven

  1. Aún a riesgo de quedar como una maleni cualquiera… qué pinta tienen!!!

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