Street XO – Spring Arrivals

Anyone who knows David Muñoz can tell you that he is always in a constant state of creativity and that he is not one of those chefs who creates a great dish and then sits back and keeps making it over and over again for the next thirty years. David Muñoz is a synonym for movement and change and just as his landmark restaurant DiverXO is always evolving, well so is Street XO and there are new dishes that are worth mentioning.

Wagyu meatballs accompanied by frog legs, peanut sauce, and pat choi salad with bean sprouts and sour coconut milk… delicious


Grilled octopus with a Kalamata olive emulsion (these olives are from Greece), jalapeño sauce and carrots a la beurre noir.


Chicken prepared in the Roner, a device which allows vacuumed food to be prepared at a low temperature and then finished off in the Josper, a charcoal oven which provides temperature. The end result is a smoky juicy finish. I was actually thinking of installing one of these in my kitchen until I was told the price and that the temperature goes up so much that my kitchen would turn into a Swedish sauna. The chicken is finished off with a miso sauce and served with a blood orange salad seasoned with a Gordal olive emulsion, black olive powder and curry.


Smoked Mackerel with tomato powder, yuzo miso sauce, trout eggs and topped off with dried tuna shavings.


Shrimp+shrimp+shrimp+shrimp, this plate is shrimp galore. Shrimp dim sum sit in a shrimp reduction, with shrimp chips, shrimp powder… shrimp lovers of the world, enjoy.

shrimp shrimp shrimp

So as you can see April showers have brought new plates to Street XO which I definitely plan to enjoy!


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