Shakespeare and Co. – Victorian chic

If you were to tell me to meet for lunch at Shakespeare and Co, I would picture myself in London or in some quaint English village but surprisingly Shakespeare and Co was actually founded in Dubai. We came across it at the very modern Souk Central Market in Abu Dhabi, where it seemed that a piece of England had found a nook for itself amongst the spice shops and the Arabic wood panels.

Souk Central Market - Abu Dhabi

Souk Central Market – Abu Dhabi

Once inside you find yourself in a mix between a Victorian style pastry shop and an Arabian night’s color combination scheme and the truth is that although it might sound a bit weird, it all works out in the most charming way. The restaurant looks more like a living room with various sofas and armchairs set together around coffee tables making for a very relaxed, laid back atmosphere. You could just picture yourself chatting the afternoon away.

Dubai Project_167

Dubai Project_160

The food is simple and tasty. The menu being composed by an array of salads, sandwiches, wraps, eggs Benedict, crêpes… and the juices are fantastic. That is something that I found to be true of most places in the UAE, they combine freshly squeezed juices in such a way that I found myself hardly missing alcohol and feeling very healthy with my watermelon and lychee juice.

Dubai Project_172

Dubai Project_173

Dubai Project_176

Dubai Project_170

A nice place to take a break from your sightseeing.



3 comments on “Shakespeare and Co. – Victorian chic

  1. Ustedes desayunando son un peligro…!! ;D

  2. Eatamadworld says:

    No era el desayuno sino la comida. 🙂

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