Navigli- cocktails and apéritifs

When planning a trip to Milan you immediately think of the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele or the fabulous shops, but thanks to a friend we discovered the area of Navigli which is located towards the southwest of the city near the canals.  The area is vibrant, lined with bars and terraces overlooking the canals, decorated in that chic-hippy look that only the Italians can pull off so exquisitely and packed with people in a very laid-back mood having a good time while they enjoy the very Italian aperitif which consists of ordering a cocktail or drink and getting a snack or snacks for free. By the time you are on your second or third drink you are already full, which makes it a different and fun way to dine. Some places even have a buffet where you can chose exactly what you want to eat.








Although there are many places to pick from, we were recommended to go to Rita where they serve nifty cocktails and well-served GTs.

entrance to Rita

entrance to Rita

your choice of spirit drink

your choice of spirit drink



A word to the wise, if you go in summer make sure to pack your anti-mosquito repellent. I was virtually devoured.


Via Angelo Fumagalli 1 (Ripa di Porta Ticinese)

Cocktails and drinks roam at around 8-10 euros including apéritif

Thanks to Roberto Rábano for the photos.


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