DiverXO – mind-bogglingly delicious

2013-09-28 14.18.07

The surrealist movement managed to shock the mere mortals in their bold and daring manner. Decades later, their essence has managed to seep into DiverXO (two star Michelin); a place which is in a constant state of evolution because David Muñoz aims for perfection, racking his brain until all the flavors are just right and the end result is harmonious on the palate.

A meal at DiverXO is cutting-edge and mind-blowing causing your eyeballs to jump out of their sockets and your tastebuds to smile in pure pleasure. Every time I go there my grin is that of the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.

DiverXO came to life in spring 2007 and it hasn’t stopped changing since, blooming into what it is today and different from what it will be tomorrow, pure art. Plates have been substituted for canvases. That’s right, white canvases where a concept comes to life. The preparation starts in the kitchen and then moves on to the prep area and is finished off at the table right before your eyes; the final touches of each masterpiece.

The meals are organized into two menus; the short one is 7 courses and the long one is 12 courses. My advice is to go for the long one but be sure to have a light breakfast and an even lighter lunch. This, like other great feats needs its preparation time.

Part of the experience at DiverXO is the element of surprise, just like when you are watching a mystery movie, the ending spoils the fun. It wouldn’t be the same to go knowing exactly what you are in for because DiverXO is a sort of wonderland where pigs have wings, butterflies dance by your side or where an abnormally big ant might just cross your path. Let your imagination go wild.

2013-09-14 21.27.44

I would honestly recommend that you book a table ASAP and experience it for yourself but if you are a curious person, well then continue reading as I will briefly try to show you our experience but remember, curiosity killed the cat…

We all know that gluttony is one of the seven capital sins so be prepared to sin because you won’t want to stop discovering different tastes that make your eyes water with pure delight.

Canvas 1 – the traditional appetizer has been reinvented with citric notes

2013-09-14 21.42.15

Canvas 2 – it’s sweet, spicy, crunchy…

2013-09-14 21.47.32

Canvas 3 – sardines, mussel cream, foie al pil pil, water mushrooms, horseradish foam and finger lime

2013-09-14 21.58.13

Canvas 4 – nothing is what it seems. What appears to be glazed beef cheeks is in fact tuna with ginger, black truffle, parmigiano, served with Canarian Potato dim sum

2013-09-14 22.07.23

Canvas 5 Hannibal Lecter, actually the plate reminded me more of the blood splatter in Dexter. Duck dim sum with carrot foam

2013-09-14 22.15.55

Canvas 6 Turtle dove and smoked eel dim sum

2013-09-14 22.27.25 2013-09-14 22.30.43

Canvas 7 paprika curried hake and egg yolk

2013-09-14 22.40.30

Canvas 8 lacquered lamb with ginger sauce served with a chicken Chinese muffin with dragonfly fruit

2013-09-14 22.57.27

Chinese muffin

Chinese muffin

Canvas 9 This canvas is called “Porn Food” Red shrimp, wok glazed red mullet served with juice from the head of the red shrimp, tumburi caviar (these are actually the seeds of a tree)

red shrimp

red shrimp

2013-09-14 23.19.47

Canvas 10 sweetbread, black garlic, Amontillado yozu noodle and black rice nigiri with shrimp

2013-09-14 23.31.19

Canvas 11– this is the first dessert, a sort of salad with pineapple which was very fresh and digestive

2013-09-14 23.49.33

Canvas 12 – the second dessert was mind-blowing: white chocolate, miso mustard ball that bursts in your mouth. Loved it!

2013-09-14 23.57.24

As for the wine, you can pretty much let Javier guide you, the wine list is quite complete with reasonable prices (don´t forget this is a two star Michelin restaurant), my recommendation is to go for sherry, white wines or champagne which match perfectly with the food at DiverXO. We went for a bottle of Tarlant Rosé 1999 Champagne and glasses of sherry mix matched throughout the dinner.

You can’t love food, live in Spain and not have been here. It is an experience worth having or should I say eating. Welcome to the cuisine of NeverLand.


Pensamiento Street 28, Madrid



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