Banker’s Bar – drinks and jazz

2013-10-13 17.58.09

Although I have never spent the night at a Mandarin Oriental, I find the chain to be absolutely wonderful and I secretly vouch that we have to stay there at least once. Ideally located with stunning lobbies and top restaurants and bars. I have dined and drank at a few but more recently it was Banker’s Bar in Barcelona which caught my eye and palate.

The Mandarin Oriental is located at 30-40 Paseo de Gracia where the Santander bank used to be. In an effort to maintain some of the bank’s essence, original safety boxes decorate the walls while copies cover the ceiling giving the bar a more than unique feel. Your imagination flows as you imagine the secrets and treasures those boxes once guarded.

The space in not only elegantly set but the cocktails are delicious and the drinks are well served. On Wednesday nights they have Gin&Live sessions where there is a signature gin for a reduced price and live jazz music.

A great place to have a drink and enjoy a night out on the town!


Banker’s Bar at the Mandarin Oriental

Paseo de Gracia 38-40, Barcelona



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