El Pescador – Galicia right in Madrid

2013-12-14 14.03.48

El Pescador belongs to the same group as Pescaderías Coruñesas, O’Pazo and Filandón all of which work with high-quality produce. I especially like El Pescador which is a restaurant that can be played two ways; either as a proper restaurant or as a tapas bar. Located on Ortega y Gasset it is a great place to pop into on a Saturday for el aperitif or on a weekday for an informal dinner. The restaurant has an inviting nautical feel to it. The counter is a lot of fun asyou can see their selection of oysters from France, Spain and even Japan. There are other dishes which are always catching your eye.  They tend to have wines from Galicia which are tasty and they also serve champagne by the glass which pairs beautifully with seafood. Well, who am I kidding? Champagne goes with everything.

The last time we were there we ordered the seafood salad (salpicón de marisco) which was delicious.

2013-12-14 14.23.30

The croquetas are also very good. The red prawn ones are my favorite.

2013-12-14 14.09.41

I discovered crystal bread here, which is a thin crispy bread that goes marvellously with anchovies, ham, salmon… In case you are a fan of this bread, just to let you know that you can buy it further up at Gold Gourmet and prepare it at home.

2013-12-14 14.12.48

They have all sorts of shell fish which is delicious.

As for the dessert, there is only one way to go, the filloas. This is a typical dessert from Galicia which is a kind of crêpe which are filled with cream and rolled up and served warm. Order them with a side of vanilla ice-cream. These are a must for me.

2013-12-14 14.40.08

No doubt that we will be stopping by soon.

El Pescador

75 Ortega y Gasset Street

Telephone: 914 02 12 90



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