A de Arzabal – “private club”

We all know both Arzabals as taverns serving great food and amazing croquetas (je confesse, I couldn’t love them more) but A de Arzabal is a whole new different concept. Alvaro and Ivan have managed to bring the cosmopolitan feel of New York or London’s private clubs to Madrid. The idea is that it is a private club for Arzábal’s clients who are given a swipe card key to enter, but there are a few tables available for non-members.

Located right by there other two locations on 19 Antonio Acuña Street, you will find a plain black door which gives off an underground, clandestine vibe. Careful because the door could easily be missed since there aren’t any signs. Once inside you are greeted with a elegant black-gold color scheme, a floor to ceiling glass wine storage wall filled to the brim with top-notch labels,  a massive chandelier hanging over a center tall table and a cocktail bar. This level is the cocktails and drinks floor. If you take the stairs down to the lower level you will find a very carefully decorated English style lounge with a modern twist where you feel pampered with the linen napkins and the silver flatware. I found the decoration to be stunning. I would hire the decorator to do my house in a heartbeat. Low tables surrounded by sofas and armchairs. A detail which I loved is that each table-chair cluster has its own unique silver wine cooler. There are several flat screen TVs making it ideal for game nights.zona tele



You would imagine the menu to be the same as at the other two Arzabals but one of the few dishes that they share are the croquetas. The menu is divided in two; on one hand you have a sushi-sashimi menu and on the other hand you have the more European menu with caviar, cheese, ham, smoked salmon, steak tartar, rice, pochas beans stew.. I have tried dishes from both menus and I have to say that I found the sushi to be surprisingly good and that is because the sushi man behind its elaboration comes from Kabuki Presidente Carmona.


This is definitely the place to drink the night away, with an incredible champagne list, spirited list, wines of course and a cocktail man who comes from O’clock where he worked with Carlos Moreno.


It is great to get the feel of being on vacation away from Madrid, minus the jet lag.

A de Arzabal

19 Antonio Acuña Street


reservations on line


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