El Bohío – where tradition and avant garde come to terms

A typical Spanish town, a typical Spanish façade but inside lies a restaurant which has been evolving and changing with its time. For you see, this restaurant didn’t just pop up over night, it opened for business in the 1930s before the Spanish Civil War and now, three generations later, it still harbors tradition weaved in with modern spikes. It is Pepe Rodríguez Rey and his brother Diego who are orchestrating the continuation of this long-loved eatery. Located in the traditional village of Illescas in Castilla La Mancha not far from Madrid, that is why many tend to think that it is actually located in Madrid. Although this restaurant is well-known (it has been around for more than eighty years!!!), it has recently received a whole new wave of recognition since Pepe has hosted Master Chef, a very popular TV program in Spain.

Recently we went back to El Bohío and this was our experience…


Potatoes with pork


Parmigiano and cod fish cookies


modern version of carcamusa (a traditional “stew” with veal, vegetables and potatoes)


Sangria which was served along side the carcamusa


Foie gras with sardine, I liked the combination


Corn and sesame rocks


Parmigiano macarons


Lentils and black pudding puffs, yummy



A frosty almond juice with shrimp and black garlic. I didn’t particularly like this plate since it was cold and it was winter and in winter I like food to be steaming hot.


Fish and shellfish soup, very tasty


The noodles from the cocido in a ham and vegetable broth, the broth a dream, rich in flavor.


Egg yolk with kokotxas and piparras, I’m a goner for an egg yolk!


Young pigeon cream with foie gras, grapes and morteruelo (stew made mainly with pork livers) broth


Ribs and potatoes stew, ideal for winter


Bohio’s version of cod and spinach stew


Roasted deer with cocoa


Callos, they had at thick sticky honey structure when you ate them, very good


This is the second part of el cocido which was served in a ropa vieja (made with shredded meat) style, delicious


Hare a la royale, drop-dead delicious



Sugar scales, yogurt and white chocolate


Pistachio dessert, my husband loved it


All the food needed some wine…


A special thanks to David de Luis for the stunning picture.

El Bohío

81 Castilla La Mancha Avenue

Illescas, Toledo

Telephone: 925 51 11 26 • 649 494 95



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