Alabaster – will be that talk of the town

Alabaster opened its doors almost two months ago and it seems that everyone is raving about it. I recently visited it to see if all the hussle and bussle was deserved and it turns out that it is. Located near Retiro Park on 9 Montalban Street just off Alfonso XII Street. Albaster offers a bar area with high tables and stools at the entrance and an ample dining room with tables properly separated giving the feeling of intimacy so that you are not listening in on others’ conversations.  There are also private dining rooms as well.

I especially liked the decoration where they mixed a black, white and grey color palette with splashes of wood. The white brick walls, the grey stone and the silver AC ducts gave it an industrial feel. In the dining room you have Oscar Marcos and Francisco Ramírez who very elegantly and kindly guide you through the menu and wine lists. As for the food, they work with a good product and prepare it with a creative flare.  The wine list has interesting choices at a reasonable price.

We let Oscar decide our menu and I have to say that I enjoyed every plate. We started off with a salmon and cheese appetizer which was tasty and then we moved on to a smoked sardine on a thin toast (lately I have a thing for smoked sardines)

2014-03-15 21.59.08

Then we had a delicious prawn carpaccio with sea urchin and avocado oil. I loved this dish.

2014-03-15 22.15.13

Fried artichoke on a truffled potato cream and crispy ham. Fine but was not a favorite.

2014-03-15 22.38.43

Creamy rice with scarlet shrimp and basil ali oli. Savory!

2014-03-15 22.57.42

Stuffed ravioli with bull’s tail and celery and turnip cream

2014-03-15 23.27.53

Young pigeon in two bakings – the texture was fantastic

2014-03-15 23.27.07

For dessert:

Thin apple tart with raspberry ice-cream

2014-03-16 00.11.20

San Simon cheese cake with crumble and green apple ice-cream

2014-03-16 00.11.05

Definitely a place to check out!

9 Montalbán Street, 28014 Madrid
Telephone:915 12 11 31

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