Picsa – who said pizza was Italian?

2014-04-05 20.43.48

All those who live in Chamberí neighborhood in Madrid are in luck because you have a new pizza parlor to brag about. If you are a Thai fan I am sure that you have been to or heard about Sudestada, but now these courageous Argentines have decided to give pizza or should I say picsa a try. The misspelling comes from the way they pronounce pizza back in Argentina. Their aim is to serve a high quality pizza in a friendly environment. The decoration has an industrial touch with white tiled walls and a work station where you can see your pizza in the making and the sustainable oak burning oven at the back.

As you know, over the years there has been a lot of Italian immigration to Argentina, bring along the way the Italian know-how which of course was adopted and adapted to the Argentine taste giving place to a pizza with a thicker spongier dough. You can even have the fainá which is a sort of thick dough made from chickpea flour which was created in the poorer areas of Argentina. By putting this heavy dough on top of the pizza, you would be instantly full with a single slice therefore being able to feed more for less.

The menu basically consists of  around 15 pizzas and salads which can either be eaten in or taken away. We had half of a “Calabresa al hierro”  which is made with spicy chorizo, provolone cheese, piparras which are a sort of pickled spicy pepper and black olives. The other half had black chanterelles mushrooms. A plus is that you can order each half with different ingredients. Please note that these are not individual pizzas, unless you have the appetite of a grizzly bear. They are meant to be shared.

I found them to be delicious and I´m anxiously waiting to try the rest!

2014-04-05 21.26.41



76 Ponzano Street at the corner with María de Guzmán, Madrid

Telephone. 91 534 10 09 

Price: 15 -25 euros

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12.00 to 16.00 and from 20.30 to 00.00 (closed Mondays)


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