Sushi Bar 99 Hermosilla

Over the years, 99 Sushi Bar has made it onto my list of “restaurants where I am always willing to go”. For some reason, I started to ponder on the, “why do I like this restaurant so much?” After giving it some consideration I have come to the conclusion that there are two reasons; the first being, that it is always good, it is reliable restaurant where you know that you are going to be rewarded with good food. The second is their prawn tempura with spicy sauce. Do you know that list of dishes from around the world that we all carry in the back of our mind and secretly dream about? Well, that tempura is one of mine. At home, we actually refer to the dish as popcorn because once you start you can’t stop.

Located on the first floor with a street-level entrance at number 4 Hermosilla Street between Serrano and Paseo de la Castellana, the restaurant is well decorated with dim light. There is also sushi bar where you can see the sushimen in action. At the entrance you will find a wine cellar encased by glass door; the wine by the way is very reasonably priced and list is quite interesting. I love the way Mónica Fernández handles both the restaurant and the wine list. She is excellent at helping you organize your meal and chose your wine.

On our last visit we had:

Prawn tempura with spicy sauce – my “popcorn”


Scallop tartar

2014-03-08 22.39.35


Toro carpaccio with raf tomato– mouth watering


Sea urchin roll and sardine sushi


Butterfish sushi and tequila manchuri roll


And for dessert my favorite ginger brownie and ice-cream


As always, we had a great meal and I am already reminiscing the tempura.


99 Sushi Bar Hermosilla

4 Hermosilla Street, Madrid

Telephone: 914 31 27 15






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