Mistura – ice-cream lovers’ paradise

I don’t know what the weather is like in your part of the world right now, but I can tell you that in Madrid the temperature has gone up and we have clear blue skies. It seems that summer is sneaking up on us with the promise to stay. To be honest, I am not a fan of the estival season as I dread the high celsius but there are a few things that I like; one of them being the smell of freshly cut lawn, the long summer days and ice-cream. It is not that I spend the whole summer gulping it down but I do enjoy a good quality scoop during a summer stroll around the city or after a day at the beach. Surprising as it may be, it is actually hard to come upon any of the good stuff. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when my husband took me to Mistura, in Chueca neighborhood.


The two owners, Carlos and Carmelo, after various adventures ended up in India where they discovered the benefits of mixing ice-cream on a slab of ice cold granite. You pick your favorite flavors, fresh fruit or toppings and the ice-cream is mixed (mistura means to mix) on the granite, giving it a creamy texture. Keeping in mind that they only use high quality produce and eco friendly cups, napkins and spoons…well that mix can only give you some pretty good eco friendly ice-cream.




5 Augusto Figueroa Street, Madrid



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