Bacira- 3 people = 1 dream

Something is cooking at Callle del Castillo in the very typical Madrid style neighborhood of Chamberi. It was just this past month of July when three friends, Gabriel Zapata, Vicente de la Red and Carlos Langreo, with loads of experience decided that it was time to embark on a culinary adventure of their own, opening Bacira.


Decorated in earthy tones with wrought-iron pillars and hydraulic tiles, it gives off a cheerful hipster vibe.


The prices are very reasonable, coming out at around 3o -40 euros per head, with an interesting wine list which is always a plus. We found the menu to be most appealing and went for the smoked eel on ricotta cheese, apple sauce, sun dried tomatoes and sprouts


Tuna tartar with grapefruit, avocado and seaweed served with a spicy sauce.


Sea bass tiradito


Egg cooked at 65º with migas (bread) and chorizo


The bull’s tail meatball which is smoked so it is served under a glass dome. This was my favorite dish. Delicious.


For dessert, the spice bread with chocolate mouse and orange ice-cream.


The childhood reminiscence of the classic “dracula”


Bacira promises to be the talk of the town this fall. Good luck to the three of you!


I have mixed some of my pictures with some of Bacira’s. Thank you!


16 Calle del Castillo

Telephone: 91 866 40 30


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