Casa Olga – right-winged lobsters


When traveling around Galicia we came upon Casa Olga (hence previous recommendation) who is especially known in the small fisherman’s town of A Guarda for her lobsters. Good tasting firm meat prepared with the bare essentials. As Olga puts it, when the quality is good there is no need to masquerade the taste with mayonnaise. She prepares it with a simple vinaigrette.


Olga is a strong opinionated right-winged whose restaurant decor exhibits her personality making it quite unique. On one wall you will find autographed photos of right-winged politicians. Pretty normal up until now. The jaw-dropper comes over in a corner where there is a sort of collage sculpture which is an ode to  the good old days when Franco was the dictator of Spain. Rumor has it that on occasions, after dinner, all the customers end the night chanting “cara al sol”.

Seriously speaking though, it is a unique place to visit and you get good quality lobster at a reasonable price. The price depends on the market and on the weight. The wine list is very short, so really your best bet is to go for a regional Albariño wine. We had lobster for three, some pimientos de padron


and dessert almond cake


and the typical dessert from the area, a fijoa


and we came out to forty euros per person (including wine).

If in the area, do pop in and have a look and a lobster!

Restaurante Marisquería Casas Olga

Rúa Malteses, 24, 36780 A Guarda, Pontevedra
Telephone:986 61 15 16

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