Bibo – fun in Marbella

Fall is here but in Marbella the weather is still mild and alfresco dining continues to be a very appealing option. Some of you might actually be planning a get away to enjoy the last rays of sun before winter sneaks in.

In Puente Romano, a five-star hotel, you will find Bibo, Dani Garcia’s informal restaurant which is located right next to his flagship Dani García Restaurant. Bibo is a fun informal place for lunch or dinner located around the hotel’s courtyard, which is shared with other restaurants.

Bibo is decorated in a laid back but stylish style. The wine list is packed with options and it is nice to know that champagne from small producers is very reasonably priced.

The menu is fun with a lot of different alternatives. I think your best bet is to share so that you can try more dishes. You can order anything from pizza, to oysters, rice, meat, seafood…

We had…

Oysters, either natural or prepared different ways…


Ceviche, lately I just love its fresh tangy taste.


Spongy buns which can be stuffed with either bull’s tail, panchetta or chorizo


Ajo blanco, very typical soup from Andalucía. It has a vichyssoise texture but it is made with garlic.


The tuna fish T-bone steak was espectacular. We all loved it. Would definitely recommend it!


Desserts were also scrumptious, we had a lemon pie


and a raspberry millefeuille



Prices can vary greatly depending on what you order but if you order various dishes to share and wine you will probably come out at around 50 – 60 euros per person but you can keep the bill down or blow it up depending on your mood and your wallet.
Definitely a fun place to have lunch or dinner in Marbella!
Bibo Dani Garcia
Hotel Puente Romano, 29602 Marbella, Málaga
Telephone:951 60 70 11



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