MadrEAT Market – every 3rd weekend of the month


The first edition of MadrEAT was a huge success and the 2nd edition is coming up this weekend November 15 -16. MadrEAT Market is located in the botanical garden of the Complutense University and the admission is free. A whole bunch of restaurants and food sellers like Cervezas La Virgen, Arzabal, Alborada, Toma Café, La Finca, Panic, The Flying Cow… set up their food trucks where you can buy street style food such as burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, cake, empanada, croquetas, chicken fingers…

We had Estanis Carenzo’s hot dog bought at La Virgen’s food truck.


Estanis Carenzo’s sandwich also from La Virgen’s food truck


Fish and chips from Arzabal’s Food Truck


Iberian Pork Rib Sandwich from Arzabal’s Food Truck


You can either eat on the lawn or on one of the tables spread around the center in a food court style. The weather was great during the first edition so let’s hope that we are lucky and we get a nice weekend. Nonetheless, the food trucks will be coming in on the third weekend of each month. Be sure to check where the third edition is going to take place since it will be in colder December and it will have to be in a closed venue. The schedule for now is:

November 15-16

December 20-21

January 17-18

February 21-22

March 21-22

I found the market to be tons of fun, the food to be very tasty and a great plan for the weekend. It is open from 11 in the morning until midnight but I strongly advise to get an early lunch or dinner unless you like waiting in line.




MadrEAT Market

Botanical Garden, Complutense University

Seneca Avenue


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