The Table by Kiko Moya- limited time only

imageMany of you probably know Kiko Moya from his restaurant L’Escaleta in Cocentaina, Alicante. During this month of February, he is cooking at Hotel Urso, which I found to be a charming, well-decorated hotel boutique near Alonso Martínez. In case any of you like finding new hotels, I would check this one out. Let me show you some pictures…


The hotel has come to an agreement where, every month, there is a pop-up restaurant at The Table, where a well-known chef comes to cook. Abastos 2.0, Cenador de Amós and Etxanobe have already been here and this month it is Kiko’s turn. He proposes two menus (50 -70 euros IVA included), one longer than the other. We went for the long one and we absolutely loved it. It was well-balanced and delicious. I always feel that it must be very difficult to cook away from home but Kiko and his team pull it out beautifully and they only started last Wednesdays. They have brought their own wines and there is a very interesting selection at a very reasonable price of wines from their area. We had a red wine, Forcallà which was good and had a great price. Can’t ask for more. They even brought their own local water, Agua de Benassal. I loved the vintage label.


We started off with the Salty Turrón from Alicante which is normally a Christmas dessert but he breaks the rule and serves it as an appetizer. Muy husband being the almond fan that he is loved it.


The warm homemade bread and the butter cream was aromatized with herbs


Then we had fresh cheese, the texture being similar to a mozzarella, with honey, almonds and extra virgen olive oil – soft and easy


I found this plate to be amazing especially because I have never had an embryo egg yolk which is then salted for 48 hours in soy sauce. The end result is amazing because you get a toffee texture with tons of different subtle flavors.


The mustard cream under a variety of different herbs with young broad beans was both beautiful and delicious. My husband is also a mustard fan so he was starting to think that this menu was designed for him.


A “ravioli” stuffed with veal and amazing truffle shavings. I would have eaten ten! Mouthwatering.


We added an extra plate to the menu, a veal sandwich with black truffle shavings.


The next plate is a rice plate and you can choose among cod, game, duck or eel. We choose both eel and game.



The smoked Iberian pork with onion ashes was amazing. The smell and taste of the smoked meat brings a smile to my mouth just recalling it.


The dessert brought to mind the idea of the mixing involved when baking a cake. So the dessert is served in an aluminum mixing bowl and you get the feeling that you are mixing the flour with the egg yolk and butter but what you are really eating is a refreshing dessert with a lemony taste. Lots of fun!


I have some friends who have been down to L’Escaleta and they are huge fans of Kiko Moya’s chocolate brick which according to them is every chocolate lovers dream. I want to share the photo with you. Giving you a reason to pilgrimage down to Alicante.


Honestly, you have one month to enjoy this menu, don’t miss it!




The Table by Kiko Moya

Hotel Urso

Telephone615 367 917

15 Beneficencia Street, Madrid


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