Club Hindostánico – real Indian food


I want to share this restaurant with you because it is one of those places that you can only learn about through word of mouth as there is no way on earth that you can simply stumble upon the Club Hindostánico. To start off with, it is on the second floor in an apartment where most of the wall have been knocked down so it feels more like a loft. This is an actual club where part of the Indian community gathers, that is why at the entrance you will find a corner sofa, a big screen TV…giving it a frat house feel. There are several tables with mismatched tableclothes leading you to believe that you have just popped into someone’s house and they are very generously going to feed you but in this case you will get the bill at the end of the meal. The preparation of the dishes feels home cooked.

We like the chilly pakora which are battered hot peppers. Very yummy if you are a spicy fan like me. The paneer cheese rolls are good. In the photo you can also see the mixed pakora which are battered vegetables. These are very good hot but they don’t travel well so I wouldn’t recommend as take away.


I am also a samosa fan, here we ordered Bhori samora which are filled with vegetables.


Although I crave spicy, there is something about Mughlai chicken which I really enjoy. I think it has that comfort food quality.


You can either eat in the restaurant but you can also order to go.

Club Hindostánico
415 León y Castillo Street
35007  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 
Telphone:928 27 37 18

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