Mina – delightful surprise


Several friends had recommended Mina and on our recent trip to Bilbao we were pleasantly surprised by its tasty well-rounded dishes. Álvaro Garrido opts for bringing local in-season produce to his happy customers who have to choose between two menus; one is 7 dishes and the other is 14 so it all depends on appetite. Being dinner time, we went for the shorter menu and I have to say that it was the perfect amount. They are very flexible so if there is something that you don’t like or you really want to try, they can change it around for you.

Before I go on about the food, I have to say that we loved Mina’s location, right on the ria bank, on a pedestrian street. Across the ria you can see The Ribera Market so the view is very nice, especially at night when the area is romantically lit. The restaurant is small, with space for 25 clients and the kitchen is open so you can see the cooks at work which is always nice and entertaining.

After two appertifs we started off with the Txangurro with passion fruit emulsion


Then we continued with the begihaundi (a very big calamari) prepared as a risotto


When they explained the next dish I was sure that I wasn’t going to like it because it is made with blood and I was a bit apprehensive at first as I thought the taste would be too strong but after trying it, I discovered it was delicious. It is called blood, coffee and pickled cabbage. Really worth tasting!


Then came the roasted monkfish with vegetables


The last main dish was capon.


The first dessert I thought to be totally brilliant. It is called “sea” and the idea is that you taste the sea. It is incredible how this dish is designed and thought out because you really get the feeling that you are tasting a delicious sea. It is refreshing and digestive. Simply wonderful!


The last dessert was a modern apple pie. Also good.


Definitely a place worth visiting in Bilbao!


7-dish tasting menu – 55 euros

14-dish tasting menu – 100 euros

Muelle Marzana
48003 Bilbao
(+34) 944 795 938




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