Sagas – Welcome to Madrid!

The weather has been most inviting to enjoy the great outdoors during these past few days. The temperature has been pleasantly cool and the sun has been most comforting. The ideal weather for me which lasts such a short time in Madrid. This weekend has been a beckoning call to be outside and we felt that urge, going down to Madrid Río on Saturday. Madrid Río is a park alongside the Manzanares River where the M30 highway used to be. Now, the M30 has been buried underground costing the taxpayers a bundle but the neighbors have traded their bumper-to-bumper view for fifty shades of Pantheon green and truth be told, the area looks way nicer now. The park is full of joggers, bikers, walkers, skaters, diverse playgrounds, benches, and it seems to have really brought the area together.


Located within the park you will find El Matadero which used to be the meatpacking area. The former buildings and grounds were repurposed into a multi-cultural area where various markets, exhibitions, courses, cinema related activities are held. It really is a fun bustling area. This weekend was the Mercado de Diseño where new upcoming designers come together to share their ideas and next weekend there will be a farmer’s market.

Although this area is quite busy, it lacked a good quality culinary option for those wanting to grab a bite to eat. That is, until recently, when Sagas opened. Many of you probably know Sagas from Barcelona, and I actually wrote a post about it around a year ago. They have brought their high-quality burgers and sandwiches to Madrid. The restaurant is very nicely set, offering a wide variety of seating choices. There is a pick for everyone with the normal restaurant area, high tables and stools, the bar and a terrace so everyone is content. The high industrial ceilings and brick and concrete walls give the restaurant a nice open feel.



As for the food, not disappointing at all. The menu offers a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, butifarra… Besides your soft drinks and beer options you can also get reasonably priced and nice quality wines by-the-glass or by-the-bottle mind you. We had a very nice pancetta sandwich which was light and fresh which I know that sounds weird because you always associate pancetta with something heavy and greasy but this sandwich was lovely.


We also had a chili chipotle burger. The meat was good quality but the overall burger lacked a fresh touch.


Definitely an option to keep in mind when in the area.


Paseo de la Chopera, 14, Madrid

Telephone: 91 473 24 73

Open Monday through Sunday

Average price is around 15-20 euros


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