Street XO – insanely good street food


By now, many of you have probably migrated to El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience at 52 Serrano Street and waited in line in order to try out David Muñoz’s new Street XO. This location is much bigger than the previous one at Callao. The decoration still means to evoke that Shanghai – Bangkok alley feel. Some seats are plastic vegetable containers (which by the way serve as your own personal cloakroom), there is graffiti on the “cracked” walls, neon signs hang from the ceiling and the waiters walk around wearing straightjackets because, let’s face it, this place is anything but your normal run-of-the-mill joint.


Behind the cocktail bar is no other than the barman, Carlos Moreno, who has conjured up a delicious cocktail list especially designed to go with the food. I like Diverxo liquido because it has a ginger taste and it is very refreshing.

As for the food, what can I say? It is fun, different and the flavors blend together producing a wow factor. What can you find on the menu? Well, you have the much loved sandwich club which you will recall from the previous Street. This is one of my all time favorite sandwiches.


There are grilled Iberian bacon”saam”, smoked razor shells, pekines dumplings with pig’s ear which sounds weird but are absolutely delicious. Ray rib covered with banana leaves.

Ray Rib

Ray Rib

Wonton Korean lasagne with “old” veal from Galicia with shiitakes, spicy marinated tomates and a goat and cardamom bechamel sauce… I wish I could make this at home.



Comfort food Asian style with sour/spicy cod soup with Chinese style BBQ chicken wings.

before serving

before serving

after serving

after serving

These are only some of the dishes, but honestly I am still to try one that I think is merely OK. Street XO does not take reservations so you have to wait in line for availability. Your best bet is to go at 13:30 for 14:00 lunch and at 20:00 for 20:30 dinner but it all depends on the day. Some are much busier than others.

If you are a local or a world traveler (or both) Street XO is without a doubt a place to check out.

Street XO Gourmet Experience El Corte Ingles

52 Serrano Street, Madrid

average price around 40 euros per person


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