Andres Carne de Res – eat and “rumbear”


“Rumbear” in Colombia means to party and in all of Colombia the ultimate place get down and funky is Andres Carne de Res. But there is more to Andrés than meets the eye. Andrés started off as a small country road stop grill spot back in 1982 in Chia, a town close to Bogotá, but the food was good and the music was even better and it slowly started prospering and adding on to the already existing building until Andrés became what we see today. The business has expanded and there is also Bogotá Andres DC, La Plaza de Andrés and Andrés Express but if you go to Colombia I recommend going to the original one, to the place where it all started. As it is now an institution in itself in Colombia, a touristic attraction much like Monserrate or the Salt Cathedral. Don’t get the wrong impression though, Andrés Carne de Res isn’t for tourists, it is for the locals who constantly go there. So to go to Bogotá and not visit Andrés, well that is to miss out on a much loved placed.

There is something special about Andrés that makes it unique. I am not going to tell you to go there because they serve the best food in the world, although the food is quite good and served in the most original manner.






arepa with cheese


The decoration, OMG, the decoration speaks for itself. Actually it doesn’t just speak, it has long conversations. I have never seen any other place set up like Andrés Carne de Res. Imagine if you will a collector, a hoarder even, and imagine all types of objects hanging from every available square centimeter on walls and ceilings mind you. You could spend hours just looking around. There is even a shop where you can buy some of their dishware.







As for the “rumba”, Andrés undergoes a daily transformation . During the day one may say that it is a family friendly restaurant with activities for children and of course all of the “actors” who roam around the restaurant as you eat. It is not strange to be sinking you teeth into a juicy steak and have mimes, magicians, clowns, draculas… walking around. At the night, they turn the music up, the bands get going and people end up dancing on the tables. Now that sounds like fun!



I found this to be hilarious. They have a pet daycare center! While you eat your dog is entertained.


Andres Carne de Res

Happy Holidays to all!!! Eat, drink and be merry!!!!


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