Magnolia Bakery – THE place for cupcakes

IMG_6051Honestly, I can’t decide if I prefer the moist fluffiness of the cake or the rich creaminess of the frosting, but when you combine the two, OMG, pleasure invades your tastebuds.  At $3.50 a cupcake, happiness couldn’t be cheaper.

There are five locations in New York but I am a fan of the one on Bleecker Street  which was the first and I am sure that Sex and the City fans will remember Carrie and Charlotte sitting on a bench right in front of the bakery having one. FYI, the bench was staged for that episode so please don’t go searching for it to take your picture.

The bakery is on a quiet street with its characteristic blue canopy window shade and inside the store is as quaint and as cute as can be with the smell of baked goods lingering in the air.

You can also get cakes (slices as well), pies, cookies, brownies and everything nice.

For all you bakers out there, there is a Magnolia Bakery cookbook.



One comment on “Magnolia Bakery – THE place for cupcakes

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