Little Owl – the all-American burger


I am a real goner for a juicy burger. It must be my American childhood which is embedded in me as I will admit to loving Rice Crispy treats as well. They transport me back to bake sales at my school. Enough on the reminiscing and back to the burgers as I have found what for me is the perfect all-American burger. One with a bun that doesn’t get soggy, with properly ground high-quality meat which is delicately pressed so that it holds in all of the juice, with cheese oozing at every bite, crispy bacon and fresh lettuce and tomato. Hamburgers have been reinterpreted a million times but the original for me is a BLT, with cheese of course and Little Owl knows how to make it.

_DSC2694 We went to Little Owl several years ago and their burger has been in my dreams and I have ever since longed to go back. Well, I finally have and I was not disappointed in the least. It was superb! Now don’t think that Little Owl is a hamburger joint. It is a restaurant with many other dishes on the menu. Their meatballs are very well liked. This last time we went for Sunday brunch and I have to say that the plates around us, pancakes, pouched eggs… all looked delicious. This is one of those places that if I lived in NY I would constantly be going to.

For all of the Friends fans out there, you might be interested in knowing that the façade of the building where Little Owl is located was shown in the series as Monica and Rachel’s apartment. So don’t be surprised if you see groups of people just standing around looking up.


Little Owl

90 Bedford Street

Little Owl

Best to make reservations before hand. 


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