Leo Cocina y Cava – back to the origins


Leonor Espinosa is a well-known chef in Colombia who has spent a great deal of her life learning about Colombia’s culinary heritage, traveling around the country acquiring knowledge on various products, dishes and styles of preparation not to mention a deep respect for local products and producers. In her kitchen she consciously integrates them to create a cutting edge menu which is ground breaking with quite peculiar ingredients and tastes even for the locals.

Leonor forms a mother/daughter team with her daughter Laura Hernández-Espinosa who is the sommelier. The restaurant is located in downtown Bogotá and inspires a laid back elegant feel with its high ceilings, organic materials and reams of natural light flowing in. We found the restaurant ideal for both business and pleasure.

We had the Classic Tasting Menu

It starts off with the appetizers which come in a very original setting which appears to be stray strands owned by the very own Medusa.

Mussel, purslane, coconut and aji from the Amazon


Fish wrap, snail and titoté rice


Carimañola (which is a Colombian cuisine meat-pie in a torpedo-shaped yuca fritter), smoked rabbit, buttermilk and tucupí (yellow liquid extracted from the root of the manioca brava)


Debittering lemon


Tuna fish, ant abdomens, pipilongo, guandu (a type of bean), honey


Seared octopus, corozo (a type of berry), yuyo (a herb), asparagus


Suckling kid


and finally the desserts

Definitely a place to put on your to-visit list when in Bogotá. We found the experience to be noteworthy.

Leo Cocina y Cava




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