Semilla- another reason to visit Brooklyn

We had heard a lot of buzz about Semilla in Brooklyn and we were quite eager to go and check it out. What we found was a rather small restaurant with the kitchen located at the far end and a center bar area with a wrap around counter where customers eat. There are no tables so instead you sit and watch waiters and chefs as they work. I have to say that everyone was very friendly and easy-going. Word of caution though, there are very few seats so make sure to book before you go.

I loved the idea behind Semilla. A couple, José Ramírez-Ruíz and Pamela Yung, with a true interest in kilometer 0 and healthy cooking have created a mostly vegetarian menu which varies on season and market. There isn’t an a la carte option. Instead you have to go for the pre established menu ($85) and go with the flow. Not to worry though, the menu is very well-balanced and you finish off just right. One of the dishes that mostly caught us off guard was the bread and butter dish which was served a proper plate integrated into the menu. Their opinion is that the bread and butter should not be overlooked and taken lightly but that it should be given the same attention that you would another preparation. I have to say that Pam makes mind-blowingly good bread.


On another note, the wine/bear list was interesting as they carry their natural sense all the way to the beverages.

We went for dinner and the lighting was diim so my pictures came out rather dark so I am going to have to ask you to bare with me because I want you to get an idea of Semilla, which I highly recommend.



No. 5, 160 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Telephone:+1 718-782-3474


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