Lera – family tradition


I am always fascinated with family run restaurants that have passed on their business knowhow from one generation to the next. A place known to locals and out-of-towners alike where more than one will eagerly take the detour and burn the extra miles in order to arrive to a small village in what seems to be the middle of nowhere for a delicious and surprising meal.

I had heard a roaring buzz about Lera, formerly known as EL Mesón del Labrador. It seemed that everyone loves it and we were among the few on the face of this Earth who had not managed to schedule a weekend getaway to visit them. Thanks to a friend who finally pulled the whole plan together, we were able to meet both Cecilio, the father and founder and his son Luis Alberto who is now in charge of the restaurant along side his mother. When you think of a restaurant in a tiny village, Castroverde de Campos, you think of grills, lamb and piglets but this restaurant knows its way around the stoves. They make absolutely delicious game but Luis Alberto is also creative and his dishes have a wow factor. His style is not just simply fabulous products that are well prepared but there is something else, something that makes you want to go back and try his dishes again because there is fundamental behind his creations.

We went in November for the game tasting menu. For all you game fans out there, this is something that should not be missed and I recommend you put it on your bucket list but I strongly suggest you go on an empty stomach. You can easily skip breakfast that day or even the previous night’s dinner. Kidding, but you get what I mean.

We started off with the appetizers.

Duck liver sauteed with grapes. I have recently discovered that I no longer like liver but other people at our table said it was very good.


Sauteed wild mushrooms




Quail croquetas


By now I was starting to get nervous just thinking that these were “only” the appetizers but I have to say that we powered through it all and even asked for an extra dish at the end. Surprising but true.

Next came the Starters

White beans with hare


Slowly cooked lentils with duck


Small game prepared in a homemade pickled style


Now onto the Main Dishes

Wild boar cooked in Toro red wine with mashed potatoes, roasted apples and blackberry confection


Partridge with cabbage and chestnuts


Young pigeon


Deer loin served with fresh pasta and berries


Duck a l’orange




Dessert tray


This vast game menu is 55 euros plus drinks which is a great deal. This menu is only available during hunting season (November) but I strongly recommend going out to Castroverde de Campos to try out Luis Alberto’s dishes.

When the family opened the new restaurant they also opened up a very quaint hotel right on the grounds of the restaurant so you can eat your heart out and then crawl back to bed without having to worry about driving back home.


Cecilio Lera


Telephone:980 664 653

Conquistadores Zamoranos Street without number

Castroverde de Campos (Zamora)


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