Etxebarri – on fire


I visited Etxebarri several years ago and ever since I have been longing to go back. I was marveled by the use of their BBQs, of how they managed to match the right wood to the food, by the tastes and the concept. Finally, I have been able to go back and I was once again enchanted with these fire charmers.

The restaurant has over gone some upgrades since our last visit, going from a country style to a more elegant look. There is a wonderful slab of wood at the center of the dining room, with tall flowers and branches which acts as a feature piece bring the whole area together.


Extebarri, which is located in Axpe, a small village near Bilbao in the Basque Country, is on of those places, like Lera, which flourishes in what seems to be the middle of nowhere; a gastronomical oasis where foodies peregrinate from all over the world.

You can either order dishes or go for the set menu. We went for the set menu.

Warm vegetable broth, always very soothing in winter


Bocadillo de chorizo – this is what all chorizo bocadillos should be like


Goat butter and fresh buffalo cheese with herbs and hazelnuts – we fell in love with both the butter and the cheese


Anchovy on toasted bread


A rolled up slice of pumpkin


Zamburiña – typical shellfish from the north of Spain and very tasty


Shrimps – when you started eating them you just didn’t want to stop


Marzuelo mushrooms with an onion broth


“scrambled” eggs with white truffle – loved this dish with two of my favorite ingredients in the world, egg yolk and truffle


Fresh chorizo tartar, this was my favorite dish, delicious




Grouper with vegetables


Beef Steak -this is Fred Flintstones’s type of steak


Milk ice-cream with beet juice – a great and refreshing dessert


Pumpkin chocolates


Hot chocolate and a muffin – the perfect winter snack


There is no doubt that Bittor Arginzoniz knows his way around the grills, optimizing flavors and bringing BBQ onto a whole new league, making it sophisticated and let’s face it, delicious. We have to remember that Extebarri is ranked number 13 in The World’s Best Restaurants.

Extebarri is one of those places which doesn’t disenchant, on the contrary, it leaves you in awe.

Asador Extebarri


Plaza de San Juan, 1
48291 Axpe Atxondo, Bizkaia
Telephone: (+34) 946 58 30 42

One comment on “Etxebarri – on fire

  1. This looks absolutely beautiful, inside and out– great style and presentation!

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