Kirei by Kabuki – a place to eat at Madrid airport

Spring Break is just around the corner. Finally some much awaited relaxation and down time. The destinations are always most appealing be it a mountain retreat, a beachside getaway or an exciting city ready to be discovered or rediscovered but what usually gets up upset right before we reach our destination and every time more are the long waits at the airport, the auto check-in counter that never seems to be able to read your code and of course, the ridiculously over-priced yet tasteless food you get at airports.

Since the airport that I mostly use is Madrid’s I am so happy to say that there is finally a place where you can grab a bite to eat where the food is actually tasty. The service is quick, as they know that airport travellers are always on the go.

The food is not only freshly prepared sushi/sashimi but you can also get pasta, vegetables, wok and soups. The menu isn’t very extense but there is certainly something to satisfy your hunger and need to get something tasty to put a smile on your face right before you head off.


Kirei by Kabuki

Airport – Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas

Terminal 4


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