Coque – Happy Birthday

Coque was the first post I wrote on EataMADworld and they have recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. Actually the day that we were having lunch was the day! I hadn’t been back to Coque since then, always with the plan of going back but never getting around to it. I am so glad that I did and I can once again say to you, go to Coque. I know that location isn’t its strong suit but I have discovered that Cercanías takes you to Humanes and Coque is a short walk away. We caught the train at Renfe and it was a very comfortable ride. So if you are coming in from out of town, Cercanías trains are the way to go also for those who live in Madrid and don’t want to Drink & Drive.

To make your mouth water a bit, let me share with you our latest menu.

Our first stop was the wine cellar where we started off with a cocktail and the first course of appetizers.

IMG_7121These continued on in the kitchen and in the oven area where we had Smoked Batavia lettuce with stewed veal and wine polyphenols.


Once in the main dining room we continued with a steamed bun filled with game stew, spicy mustard and armagnac consommé.


Roasted tomatoes with hummus,  Iberian jowl with grilled scallions


Vegetables with spices from the five continents y fermented sunflower seeds


Grilled Red Mullet with ginger juice, wasabi, tomatoes and tamarillo


Cod brandade with wild mushrooms (níscalos) and cauliflower cuscus served with cod broth and spicy paprika


Pickled sea bass and partridge with with Albillo grape, miso, juniper, mustard and spring onions


Tripe “a la madrileña” with sea urchins, succulent white beans puree with green curry and truffle


Hen fricassee with poached egg and thistle stewed in Iberian pancetta


Grilled octopus with Iberian ear, mushrooms (trompetillas) and boletus ashes

Bull and veal tendons ravioli with figs


Lacquered suckling pig with its crispy skin, spiced plum puree and peach


Nuts in different textures with liqueur


And finally you finish off your meal down in the lounge where we had desserts and drinks.

Sour sheep yoghurt with cranberries and smoked foam


Boletus cream with whisky candy, mushroom soil and amanita cesarea (mushroom) ice-cream.


I have to share with you that I have recently discovered the world of brandy, cognac, armagnac and ports and I have to say that I am loving them. At Coque, I loved drinking an armagnac from the year I was born.


Coque is definitely a restaurant that surprises and should be on every foodie’s To-Go List.


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