The Table by La Salita

If you live in Madrid you have probably heard about The Table, which has been in Madrid now for over a year bring ever month a new chef from around Spain to Madrid. Last month we we went to La Salita, now it is too late to visit Begoña Rodrigo in Madrid but I have to say that I fell in love with her cooking and I am thinking if she cooked so well away from home, she must be fantastic in her kitchen.

La Salita is in Valencia, and now that summer is around the corner many of you may be planning a trip down to get some sun and fresh sea air and I believe that La Salita may very well be a nice place to get a good meal.

When she was in Madrid we had five mini appetizers which were served in a kind of open, two-story teepee followed by a tiara of pickled and salted  fish. This plate I found to be simply lovely.


Smoked eggplant puree with seared sardines, again beautifully served.


Artichokes, shrimp and anise juice


Cod brandade with fresh peas and smoked eel


Crawfish served with pig trotter’s stew and baby beans. This is what we call in Spain a sea and mountain dish. The mix of flavors is usually quite nice and in this case it definitely was.


A pastrami vitello tonnato (which is an Italian summer dish which is usually served cold and prepared with thinly sliced  veal and a tuna fish sauce) served with a variety of pickled vegetables.


Coming from Valencia we had to have a deliciously prepared rice. In this case we had the bull’s tail rice with capers and a citric ali oli (garlic mayonnaise).


Roe deer with licorice, boletus mushrooms and celery tallarines and a moscatel carbonara.


For dessert you could choose between

Carrots, lime, yoghurt, ginger and coconut…very refreshing



Chocolate ganache with custard and licorice… very light


La Salita is at the top of my list of places to visit in Valencia.

La Salita

12 Seneca Street, Valencia, Valencia

Telephone: 963 81 75 16



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