A’Barra – a star is born

A’Barra is one of the most anticipated openings of the year in Madrid. A lot of time and effort has gone into making A’Barra and now they are ready to roll. What first grasps you as you enter is the stunning decoration. The woodwork is remarkable, especially on the ceilings. If you care for a drink before your meal there is a bar area with a long table  presided by three Joselito aged hams. As you know, the perfect pairing for Spanish ham is either champagne where you have 160 different references to pick from or sherry with a list of 70 options. This is speaking my language!


Not to mention that there are a total of 8000 wine references. The wine cellar is a dream come true.


The name A’Barra comes from the impressive marble bar where only tasting menus will be served.


The dining room is elegantly decorated with vast windows which look out to the garden. We went at night but you could just imagine the light the dining hall must have during the day.


As for the chef, well you know that Juan Antonio Medina is not a new comer, with his experience in Zalacaín and Albora, he definitely knows what he is doing. On top of it, he has one hell of a kitchen.

The menu maintains that Mediterranean essence with Juan Antonio’s touch.

We started off dinner with two appetizers. Spider crab flan and a sort of shrimp fritter with aioli

Then we continued with a salad with season vegetables.


Joselito’s pork cannelloni with chorizo sauce.


Creamy rice with mushrooms and snail.


Roasted bogavante (lobster) with saffron and white vermut.


Veal tongue with Japanese broad beans and grilled mashed potatoes.


For dessert, we started off with a very refreshing elderflower sorbet served with seasonal fruits.


We finished off with a chocolate dessert in different textures.


Keep your eye on A’Barra because it promises to be the talk of the town. It has all the right ingredients to become a culinary reference in Madrid. I wish the team the best of luck on this new venture that they have embarked on. I have no doubt that they will sail in the right direction.


15 Pinar Street, Madrid

Telephone: 910 210 061



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