Triciclo- better and better


I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to write about Triciclo because it is one of those places that you just don’t want to miss. Ever since they opened, they have been improving not only the dishes but also the actual restaurant. When I went for the first time a couple of years ago I remember that I loved the food but the lighting wasn’t right and it was quite loud but with time all these minor setbacks have been taken care of and even the service has improved. The reason behind all of this is that there is so much energy and such a strong will behind Javier Goya, David Alfonso and Javier Mayor project that it could only go up.

The style of the restaurant is easy and laid back. You have some high tables at the front in case you want to have a drink and order some plates to share and then you have the tables. The restaurant has the form of a “U” and there is a big table where the two longer sides meet which is great for a bigger group.

The food is delicious. It is one of those places where you can’t go wrong. Last time we ate almost all the menu and every single dish was right on.

These are some of the dishes we had. We started off with variegated scallops, one of my favorite shellfish.


Sea bream tataki prepared “a la madrileña” which means that it has a bit of potato, tomato, garlic and then warm olive oil mixed with garlic, vinegar and soy sauce is added.


Ceviche, I found the rocoto chile slush to give the dish a kick but it was refreshing at the same time.


Yummy mushrooms with green asparagus and the best sauce in the world, egg yolk. I would eat warm egg yolk every day.


Razor-shells, after we finished eating them we actually finished off the sauce.



Roasted young pigeon served on crystal bread with young pigeon pate and truffle





Winter veggies with a thin sheet of ham and of course my best friend, egg yolk



Bombs away, these are stuffed mashed potato balls which are breaded and fried.


They said that their idea was to open a restaurant where they would like to eat, a place where there is actual cooking and I have to say that they have done just that. Keep up the great work!

IMG_7207 (1)

Triciclo (be sure to make reservations, you can book on their webpage)

28 Santa María Street, Madrid

Telephone: 910 244 798




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