Umiko – Japanese fusion


The first time I went to Umiko I liked it but I have to say that I didn’t fall in love with it. As the months passed, many friends would talk about how much they liked Umiko and that it was among their favorite Japanese restaurants in Madrid. After so much chatter I decided that I really had to go back and now I am also a fan.


It is located near el Paseo del Prado and Alcalá Street, at 18 Los Madrazo Street. Here, two young chefs who worked at Kabuki with Ricardo Sanz, Pablo Álvaro Marcos and Juan Alcaide offer their version of Japanese fusion. The restaurant is small so getting a table can be tricky but it is worth the work. Good quality and tasty nigiri in a very laid back, fun atmosphere.

Being the oyster fan that I am, I always want to try them. I liked their version of the oyster in tempura. It adds to the natural taste of the oyster without covering it up.


We had dry ramen, it is dry because it doesn’t come in the typical soup format. The sauce came from the head of the carabinero (large red prawn). It is also a good idea to suck on the head so that you can enjoy every last drop of the taste.


Tuna Tartar


Red mullet nigiri with its spine. The spine was deep fried so that it gave a crunchiness to the nigiri.


Sorell with tomato


Socarrat which is the name given to the caramelized bottom part of the rice when you make paella. The difficulty behind socarrat is just that, that it doesn’t adopt a burnt flavor. This nigiri was innovative and just right.


Flambé scallop, I love the taste that flambé gives and I am scallop fan so this combination was just right.


John Dory prepared “a la bilbaína”


Tuna fish prepared “a la cordobesa”


Salad “a la madrileña” so it was made with bonito (very similar to tuna fish)


We finished off with grilled tuna fish cheek, outstanding!


For all you Japanese food fans out there, definitely a place to check out.


Calle de los Madrazo, 18
Telephone:914 93 87 06


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