Gen Yamamoto – cocktails brought to a new level


A friend of ours told us that we couldn’t go to Tokyo without having cocktails at Gen Yamamoto and I have to say that it is quite an experience. As most places in Tokyo, the bar is small, bear except for the thick wood counter which is absolutely stunning. You can’t but help run your fingers over the grain and awe over its subliminal beauty. That is the way Gen Yamamoto works, there is such subdued elegance in each of his cocktails that it almost feels as if you were drinking his artwork.


As you enter, Gen Yamamoto greets you, perfectly attired in a crisp white jacket, in English that makes you forget that you are in Tokyo, he has lived abroad many years, and throughout the evening he explains each cocktail and engages in subtle conversation.


The only option is a cocktail tasting menu, either four or six cocktails. Now, I know what you are thinking because I thought exactly the same thing. “I can’t drink four or six cocktails without rolling over drunk!” Not to worry, cocktails here are very small therefore are drank rather quickly. We actually started off with four and ended up having six because they were so good and I promise we walked out dignified without tumbling from side-to-side.

Cocktails are seasonal and most of them include fruit. The order in which they are served  is determined by Gen. You can notify him if there is something you don’t like though.

I am simply going to show you the cocktails we had so that your mouth can start to water and your alcohol craving level can increase.




Remember you need to book a seat at Gen Yamamoto.


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