108 Copenhagen – Noma’s kid sister

Noma, which was ranked the best restaurant in world several times, has closed its doors and is currently changing location. The new NOMA will be in Christiania but meanwhile not to fret, René Redzepi has opened a second restaurant a few meters away from where NOMA once reigned, 108. Lead by Kristian Baumann who strives to make 108 stand apart from NOMA and is succeeding. 108 is much more accessible but don’t let that fool you, tables are scarce. Baumann is working with different Nordic techniques such as smoking, pickling and fermentation to products that are all local so that you can really grasp the area’s cuisine. The restaurant serves a la carte so that you can design your own menu.

I was there during Spring Break and I have to say that it was my favorite meal in Copenhagen. It flew to the top of the list. On the one hand 108 is laid back and informal. The service is easy going and know how to guide you through the menu and the wine parring. The decoration has a sort of swanky nordic feel and the food is delicious. The flavors are well-balanced with a kick.

Our dinner:



Leeks with algae, I love it when restaurants use algae because it is suppose to be so healthy and I still haven’t managed to incorporate it into our home meals.


Scallop with sea urchin



We had the classic Glazed Pork Belly to finish off our mealIMG_0474.jpg

I strongly recommend keeping an eye on 108 and Christian Baumann!


Strandgade 108
Copenhagen K 1401


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