Monóculo – my latest discovery on the island

IMG_0147.JPGAs I have previously mentioned, both my parents and my in laws live in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria so we tend to make it back several times a year. While we are away, we have some delightful friends who are always eagerly scavenging for new places where we can go dine out. The last time we were back they took us to Monóculo located at the end of Mesa y López Avenue. The place is informal, well tended, with a touch of hipsterism to it. We enjoyed our dinner there and if you are on the island or are planning to go anytime soon I would go and check it out.

All the dishes have a fun yet delicious twist to them. The menu has a wide selection such as meat, fish, vegetables… there is something for everyone.

One of the most well known dishes on the islands is “papas arrugadas con mojo”. A local variety of potatoes is boiled and then wrinkled with salt. The mojo is a sauce that can be prepared many different ways, almost every household does its own interpretation of either the green or the red mojo. At Monóculo they prepare them with a twist leading you to believe that you are popping stones into your mouth- minus the dentist’s bill.



Croquetas are a very typical Spanish tapa and as with the mojo there are many different ways to make such a small bite. At Monóculo they have decided to deconstruct it so that it tastes like a ham croqueta but it sure doesn’t look like one.
Pork cheeks
Chocolate dessert and a fresher option
A place to check out this summer on the island. A special thanks for Arancha and Severo who are always on the look out for places we can share together.
1 José Mesa y López Avenue, 35006 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

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