Nano Kaffee Berlin- cup of coffee

IMG_1235Just a quick post to let you in on another good place to have coffee in Berlin with friendly and insightful service. Nano Kaffee is a small place with a long high table with stools. You can either buy your coffee there but they also have an online shop.




The Barn – coffee please

IMG_1187For all you coffee lovers out there, if you are in Berlin or are planning to go anytime soon you don´t want to miss The Barn which is a Specialty Coffee Roastery in Europe. They only work with premium coffees from sustainable and traceable farming. They have several locations so be sure to check them out here.

IMG_1188We were in Berlin this summer and we were lucky enough to have one right next to our hotel, so you can probably guess where we had breakfast every morning. Ours was in Charlottenburg. It was a bit tricky to find because it was actually on the rooftop of a SuperDry store. Monday to Saturday you just go into the store and walk up all the flights of stairs until you reach Kranzler Café which is a round café with a circus canopy and a wonderful terrace outside where you can sit and sip your coffee. The tricky part is on Sundays because although the café opens daily from 10-8, the store is closed. At around 10 o’clock someone will come down and set up a sign indicating that you go down a narrow hall which leads to an elevator that takes you straight up to the café. The first day we went to the café was on a Sunday and I have to say that it took us ages to figure it out.

IMG_1189Another plus is that they sell coffee beans to take home and they also ship so we had actually been having their coffee at home before, thanks to a friend who introduced us to The Barn.


BTW, their carrot cake is pretty good.

The Barn

Rum Trader – your place for rum in Berlin

I previously posted about the cocktail bar Buck and Breck but there was also another cocktail bar that we enjoyed and is worth a visit, Rum Trader, which one could say is tiny with a single table and a dark cherry wood counter with stools. The dried armadillo lazing on its back gives you a glimpse of how you will end the night.


When we arrived, we were greeted at the door by whom seemed to be a very proper English gentleman, I was instantly reminded of Mr Carson from Downton Abbey, but Mr Scholl ended up being German of course.  He informed us that Rum Trader has been around for many years as he proudly oversaw that everything ran smoothly.

Rum Trader specializes in of course rum and rum based drinks but don’t let this put you off as they have a very decent selection of other spirits.


A small little nook in Berlin where time seems to stay still.

Rum Traders

open Monday – Saturday

40 Fasanenstraße 40, 10719 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49 30 8811428



Buck and Breck – fabulous cocktails in Berlin

IMG_1281.JPGI have to say that Buck and Breck is up until now my favorite cocktail bar. I fell in love with their perfectly balanced cocktails and it is a shame that I don’t live in Berlin because I would be going their on a weekly basis.

There is an aura of secrecy to this bar where you ring a doorbell and then lingering about the entrance inside is perpetual “closed” sign glowing in the dark. As you are led inside you are kindly reminded that photos are not allowed in order to respect the anonymity of the customers inside. Once in, you are surrounded by black and gold and sat either at the large center table or at tables in the back.

The cocktail menu features signature cocktails but if in doubt, let them guide you making your choice.

Buck and Breck

177 Brunnenstraße, 10119 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49 176 32315507
Open daily from 7:00pm


Hokey Pokey- ice cream worth the queue

IMG_1207When it is hot out, who doesn’t feel like ice cream? That is what happened to us and thanks to the Monocle Guide, we happened to stumble upon what is allegedly the best ice place in Berlin, Hokey Pokey. I am not going to argue if this is true or not but I can say that the ice cream is delicious. I tried hokey pokey which is vanilla with caramel, chocolate with espresso and sherry, grapefruit and passion fruit with small bits of chocolate. Out of the four, passion fruit was my favorite.


When our beloved googlemaps got us to the address we were surprised that there were two Hokey Pokeys. The reason behind this is because the line was so long that they decided to open another one almost door-to-door, that way the waiting time wouldn’t be so long. Both are basically the same except that one is a bit bigger and therefore has more flavors.

IMG_1212Don’t be put off by the line because it goes fast.

In case you want to take a pint home, not to worry, they have take away.

IMG_1211Hokey Pokey

73 Stargarder Street, Berlin