Restaurante 1621 – Caribbean elegance

Who doesn’t dream about warm weather and sunny beaches in midwinter? There is always that longing for sandals and summer dresses when we are up to our knees in snow. Some are lucky to be able to get away during the cold months and others have to wait until summer, but if you are planning a trip to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, I wouldn’t want you to miss Restaurante 1621 located in the Sofitel Santa Clara Hotel.

The decoration is an elegant colonial style and the food is delicious. We truly enjoyed our dinner there. The flavors were enticing and tasty and they all seemed to combine just right.

We had ceviche


lobster salad


fish tartar

and apple tart for dessert



There is an inner patio just outside the restaurant where you can laze with a glass of wine or a cocktail and watch the hours pass. 

If you haven’t visited Cartagena de Indias, let me tell you a little bit about it to see if I can talk you into going. The city was founded by Spaniard in the XVI century and still today you can walk on stone wall which surrounds the colonial buildings and churches. The traditional part of the city is charming and romantic. Who doesn’t dream of watching sun sets and taking midnight strolls? During the day, it is ideal for shopping, having a cup of Colombian coffee on a terrace or simply admiring the architecture.



Although Cartagena de Indias is on the Caribbean, the beaches aren’t what you would picture as tropical paradise, but not to fret, a boat ride away and you will arrive to Las Islas del Rosario where the water is crystal clear and the sea bottom is amazing; full of coral valleys, tropical fish… to snorkel there is to be in the movie Little Mermaid.



Sofitel Santa Clara