Casa Olga – right-winged lobsters


When traveling around Galicia we came upon Casa Olga (hence previous recommendation) who is especially known in the small fisherman’s town of A Guarda for her lobsters. Good tasting firm meat prepared with the bare essentials. As Olga puts it, when the quality is good there is no need to masquerade the taste with mayonnaise. She prepares it with a simple vinaigrette.


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D’Berto – XXL

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People tend to peregrinate to Santiago (St. James) from near and far but I propose that we all start peregrinating to D’Berto where size really does matter! Berto Domínguez has been running this restaurant in O’Grove for more than twenty years alongside his sister Marisol, who is the artificer behind the stoves. This is the place to come when you are looking for produce expertly prepared so that is seems that has hardly been handled. No fancy sauces allowed. Here you come for the taste of the sea!

I have to say that you can’t go wrong with what you order as everything is delicious and of the upmost quality. We had…

Oysters, I am a huge oyster fan and I have to say that these have been some of the best that I have ever had. I would have eaten a dozen.

Oysters, I am a huge oyster fan and I have to say that these have been some of the best that I have ever had. I would have eaten a dozen.

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Casa Marcelo – Japanese rondez vous in Galicia


I was originally looking forward to writing a whole bunch of posts over the summer break. Let’s say that it was my summer’s resolution but what I was unaware of, was the heat. I keep my computer in a small office with no AC so during summer it turns into a sauna. Today there is nice breeze and the sauna is back to an office so I am taking advantage of the opportunity to get another post out there.

For the most part I imagine that mostly everyone is on, has been or will be on vacation. Madrid in definitely on vacation with most stores and restaurants closed for the month of August. The hectic city has turned into a parking paradise.

This year we are taking short trips around Spain and on a recent trip to Galicia we were able to finally visit Casa Marcelo. I had been getting great reviews but had not made it up north until now. I have to say that if you are planning on going to Santiago de Compostela any time soon make sure you pay them a visit. Casa Marcelo doesn’t accept reservations but if you avoid rush hour you should be OK. We arrived at 13:30 and had no problem getting a table.

Marcelo Tejedor is both the owner and the mastermind behind the restaurant which is more of an informal tavern were you sit on high stools and share various dishes which are a fusion of fabulous produce prepared Japanese style. So it is not strange to find nigiri and sashimi on the menu.

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