Lolo Polos – love love love them

My friend Yosune is constantly on the look out to see what is new. Last spring she brought to my house these wonderfully refreshing, naturally made with fresh fruit popsicles that I fell in love with. I craved for more and this summer I have had my fill. Since they are all natural, they have no added sugar, additives…it’s like eating frozen fruit which has been geniusly mixed (watermelon with kafir, matcha tea and coconut… I could go on but I haven’t tried one that I don’t like.)

IMG_1686There are three stores in Madrid (16 Espíritu Santo Street, 30 Leon Street and inside Mercado de San Antón) but I was thrilled to know that recently opened a fourth store out in Las Palmas, right on Las Canteras boardwalk where La Playa Chica is. This is the first store to open out of Madrid. So, as you can probably venture to guess, I made a stop there every day on my way home from the beach this summer.


Store in Las Palmas

IMG_1687Another plus if you live in Madrid is that they deliver to your house but unfortunately not to mine.


Lolo Polos


Monóculo – my latest discovery on the island

IMG_0147.JPGAs I have previously mentioned, both my parents and my in laws live in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria so we tend to make it back several times a year. While we are away, we have some delightful friends who are always eagerly scavenging for new places where we can go dine out. The last time we were back they took us to Monóculo located at the end of Mesa y López Avenue. The place is informal, well tended, with a touch of hipsterism to it. We enjoyed our dinner there and if you are on the island or are planning to go anytime soon I would go and check it out.

All the dishes have a fun yet delicious twist to them. The menu has a wide selection such as meat, fish, vegetables… there is something for everyone.

One of the most well known dishes on the islands is “papas arrugadas con mojo”. A local variety of potatoes is boiled and then wrinkled with salt. The mojo is a sauce that can be prepared many different ways, almost every household does its own interpretation of either the green or the red mojo. At Monóculo they prepare them with a twist leading you to believe that you are popping stones into your mouth- minus the dentist’s bill.



Croquetas are a very typical Spanish tapa and as with the mojo there are many different ways to make such a small bite. At Monóculo they have decided to deconstruct it so that it tastes like a ham croqueta but it sure doesn’t look like one.
Pork cheeks
Chocolate dessert and a fresher option
A place to check out this summer on the island. A special thanks for Arancha and Severo who are always on the look out for places we can share together.
1 José Mesa y López Avenue, 35006 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Que Leche – new and exciting on the island

The holidays are in full swing and even though the weather is lovely where I live, cool and sunny, many of us dream of warm sandy beaches during the Christmas break. If you are planning on going or are currently in Las Palmas, Canary Islands I want to share one of my latest discoveries with you.

I love it when you go to a restaurant and you find that there is a dream behind the stoves. At Que Leche, near Triana, in Las Palmas there is a young couple who have been working at a number of different restaurants in mainland Spain and who have now come back to the island to recently start up (November 2014) their own place.

The restaurant is small, nicely decorated and located right next to El Gabinete Gastronómico which by the way is one of the best places if not the best to get wine on the island.

We had glazed scallops with miso sauce, wakame and tobiko.


Lightly scrambled eggs with shrimp from Huelva, sweet potato chips and truffle mayonnaise.


Ceviche with carrot air and lime


Gratin octopus with Herreño cheese (cheese from the Hierro Island) and confit potatoes


Cow tail tacos with avocado and pico de gallo


For dessert we had their famous cheesecake which I have to say I didn’t love but it might be because I am an American cheesecake kind of gal.


Their prices are very reasonable, you come out at around 25 -30 euros per head. Definitely a place to check out this holiday season.


Que Leche
22 Torres Street
35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas
Telephone:928 96 08 52


Club Hindostánico – real Indian food


I want to share this restaurant with you because it is one of those places that you can only learn about through word of mouth as there is no way on earth that you can simply stumble upon the Club Hindostánico. To start off with, it is on the second floor in an apartment where most of the wall have been knocked down so it feels more like a loft. This is an actual club where part of the Indian community gathers, that is why at the entrance you will find a corner sofa, a big screen TV…giving it a frat house feel. There are several tables with mismatched tableclothes leading you to believe that you have just popped into someone’s house and they are very generously going to feed you but in this case you will get the bill at the end of the meal. The preparation of the dishes feels home cooked.

We like the chilly pakora which are battered hot peppers. Very yummy if you are a spicy fan like me. The paneer cheese rolls are good. In the photo you can also see the mixed pakora which are battered vegetables. These are very good hot but they don’t travel well so I wouldn’t recommend as take away.


I am also a samosa fan, here we ordered Bhori samora which are filled with vegetables.


Although I crave spicy, there is something about Mughlai chicken which I really enjoy. I think it has that comfort food quality.


You can either eat in the restaurant but you can also order to go.

Club Hindostánico
415 León y Castillo Street
35007  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 
Telphone:928 27 37 18

La Azotea de Benito Cocktail Bar – drinks with a view


Now that we are submerged in winter with its cold days and colder nights, a drink out on a terrace still seems like a faraway summer’s dream. Depending on where you are in Spain, this is still possible. Down in the Canary Islands the weather is much milder than in the Iberian Peninsula and while we wear our UGG boots and coats, way down south people are lounging their Saturday afternoons away with a GT in hand. La Azotea de Benito, located on the second floor of the Monopol Shopping Center, has some great views of the older part of the city. Open for both afternoon and night drinks.


La Azotea de Benito Cocktail Bar
2nd floor of Monopol Shopping Center
Hurtado Mendoza Square
35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Telephone: 928 36 74 50

Fuji – First Japanese restaurant in Spain

Who would have thought that the oldest Japanese restaurant in Spain is in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I guess this is due to the fact that the port has had so many transcontinental ships coming in over the years and the island has always welcomed foreigners.

Fuji is located on Fernando Guanarteme Street near some very iffy buildings. The restaurant decor has been recently redone but it still wouldn’t be my choice for a romantic dinner. Nonetheless the food is good quality and it is well prepared and they have recently been introducing more creativity into their elaboration.

The food is authentic. You get well prepared sushi and sashimi but you can also go for cooked Japanese dishes. Desserts, like in most oriental restaurants, can be easily skipped. The wine list offers little excitement but there is always the Japanese beer option.

Don’t forget to ask for their specials of the day.

We had tuna with three spicy sauces served with mango and avocado.

Algae salad with mustard. I really have to figure out how to prepare this at home.

Sama sashimi. Sama is a fish which is characteristic of the Canary islands.

Flambeed prawn sushi

Quail egg sushi

Fuji roll with avocado, eel, crab and salmon eggs

I would like to wish you all a very tasty 2016 and in case you are wondering where you can get warm, sunny weather in winter, let me share some pictures recently taken in Las Palmas, Canary Islands.

Playa del Ingles

Las Canteras Beach

Fuji Restaurant
56 Fernando Guanarteme Street
Las Palmas, Canary Islands