Sakona Coffee Roasters – a relaxing cup of coffee

Depending on where you are in the world, Spring Break might feel like an eternity ago or you might be in full swing. So whether you are at work or at play it is always nice to discover a new place to take a break or spend a lazy morning or afternoon.

Sakona Coffee Roasters in San Sebastian is actually brand new, they have been open for only a couple of months and they are making delicious coffee. FYI, they also cater The Loaf croissants.

Situated right next to El Kursaal I found it to be a delightful place for coffee.


Sakona Coffee Roasters

Bajo, Ramón María Lili Pasealekua, 2

20002 Donostia, Gipuzkoa



Grand Central Market – unexpected

New York is all about surprises and if you are going to be in The Big Apple for the holidays you will probably be taking the subway at some given point. Even if you prefer to travel at street level I am sure that you will at least visit Central Station, which has served as a set to movies such as Unfaithful and The Prince of Tides just to name a couple. Many of you foodies out there probably see Central Station as an emblematic subway station with a pretty amazing Christmas lights show but what many don’t know is that hidden among its stores, trains and clock is Grand Central Market, a gourmet stop for those running to catch the train.

The market isn’t big but you can very well stock up on goodies before you head home. For the tourists, it makes a great stop.


For more information click here.

International Children’s Day


Educo, a Non-Profit Organization, is worried about our children’s nutrition as we can not turn a blind eye believing that malnutrition only concerns third world countries. The truth is that malnutrition affects 25% of the children right here in Spain. Just to give you a ball park figures, 2.5 million children are living in poverty. There is no doubt that the economic crisis has touched all of us on some level but unfortunately children being the most vulnerable have taken an important toll. There are currently 500,000 poorer children than in 2007 and 1 out of every 4 does not eat even one well-balanced meal a day. This is definitely food for thought.

Educo has come up with a plan; let’s give families ideas on how to give a child a balanced diet. A sandwich can be a proper meal and it can be made on a low budget of 2 euros.

This is my sandwich…


– bread

– goat cheese

– anchovies

– preserved cristal peppers

– chives



Lightly toast the bread then add the ingredients. I like to add the cheese on first so that it melts in a bit with the bread. Then I add the peppers, anchovies and finally I top it off with some finely chopped chives.



I would like to thank my husband who took interest in this project and ever so kindly made the bread and took the photos.

logo educo

Congratulations Metropoli Award Winners

There is no doubt that Spain is living through some tough moments. It seems that morale is at its lowest as the light at the end of the tunnel is hardly perceptible. That is why I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the Metropoli award winners and runners up. These entrepreneurs have put their capital, their work and their expectations on the stakes showing us that there are still beacons of hope out there. Thank you all for giving us your very best. Good night and good luck!

This is the beginning

The idea for writing a blog started around a month ago when I went to a restaurant in Madrid which was mentioned in Michelin. We all left the restaurant quite upset because of the poor culinary standard and service and this got me thinking; people from out of town would check Michelin and come here missing out on other places which are much better. My intention as a mere foodie is to bring those places to you.