Trasteo- Valladolid just got exciting

I can’t believe that it is already August! I hope everyone is having a great summer. In case you live or are planning on going to Valladolid anytime soon, I strongly recommend that you check Trasteo out. Teo Rodríguez has recently opened his restaurant right in the heart of Valladolid, at 11 Claudio Moyano Street. The restaurant has a modern vibe and I have to say that I loved the decor. There are several areas where you can eat starting with the typical barra where you have many high stools. Perfect for a quick bite or for wine and tapas.

The more “formal” dining area where you can sit and enjoy a tapas tasting menu for around 38 euros. Price varies depending on the number of dishes.


The menu is appealing and exciting. This is not your typical (and boring) black pudding on regular bread type of place. I found it rather difficult to decide what to order since I wanted to try everything. Since I don’t want to bury my bikini at the bottom of my closet, I had to settle for a more toned down approach.

The wine list has an interesting selection of both national and international wines. It is always nice to see a variety of sherries and small producer champagnes on the list.

I am quite a fan of Spanish omelettes and I found Teo’s interpretation to be funky and really tasty. The potatoes are in a sort of paddy at the bottom, then a cured egg yolk (who doesn’t just drool over the mention of the word egg yolk??) and topped with a red onion foam. I definitely wouldn’t mind having this for dinner every night.


“Carabinero” (Cardinal prawn) tartar with jalapeño gazpacho. I, being a lover of spicy found, would have loved for the gazpacho to have more of a kick.


Tuna fish “ham”, this plate reminds you of the typical Spanish ham, tomato and bread. In this case, the tomato is a spherification which just pops in your mouth. On the side, some Sardo bread.


Ravioli XL size stuffed with mushrooms and with an incredibly delicious ramen broth. This was one of our favorites.


Back cheek of a tuna fish with dehydrated scales. Tuna fish tends to be dry but this area of the fish is so juicy.


Chicken meatball XL size, filled with a fricassée sauce. This was without a doubt, a comfort food dish. I can just imagine having this on a cold winter evening with a glass of wine next to a roaring fire.


For dessert, watermelon tataki with yuzu ice-cream. This is a fresh dessert. Ideal for summer.


To finish off, brownie topped with violet ice-cream and a hint of passion fruit.


Congratulation to Teo Rodríguez and his team! We are looking forward to going back.


11 Claudio Moyano Street, Valladolid

Telephone: 983 45 50 90