San Sebastian – tapas tapas tapas


A Spanish culinary heritage is without a doubt the tapa. Ever since I was little I have always been a fan of tapas as my father, being Spanish, we used to have tapas for dinner on Friday night. The tapas of my childhood were Americanized but the concept stuck to my brain. Once I moved to Spain I discovered what tapas really are. Every part of Spain has a slightly different version of tapas, in the Canary Islands you have fried fish and papas con mojo, in Andalucía you have salmorejo and shrimp paddies. I could go on for a while but the idea behind today’s post is not a tapas class but to let you in on one of my favorite cities and one of my favorite cities for tapas, San Sebastian.


San Sebastian is located in the Basque Country with the stunning beach of La Concha (The Shell) as the heart of the city. The name is due to the natural shape the beach adopts with its two hill topped peninsulas which are on opposite sides therefore enclosing the beach and making for a fantastic landscape. The promenade has an elegant French style which makes you doubt if you are in France or in Spain. Besides this wonderful landmark, San Sebastian is a destination for shoppers who enjoy small boutiques and of course for tapa lovers.


I want to share some places which I find to be quite good. Nonetheless, the city is full of tapas and although some will say that tapas are good anywhere, I beg to differ but I do think that you can trust your instinct, after all, if you aren’t convinced you can quickly find another place to try. Most of the restaurants that serve pintxos (bite size snacks) are located in the older part of town.


One of the things that fascinates tourists are the counters full of pintxos. They are so colorful and look so appealing.






Scallops with white garlic sauce, nuts and vinaigrette and mushroom tartelette with pine nuts and Idiazabal cheese

These are some of my favorite places. Don’t you just wish you could be walking around the city tonight?


Casa Urola

La Chuchara de San Telmo