Zuberoa – practice makes perfect


Zuberoa is one of those places which totally surmounted my expectations. I went expecting well prepared, tasty dishes but what I found was the fruition of years spent mastering the stoves. The results are such well balanced flavors that make you wow from the appetizer to the dessert. Each dish is a festival for the tastebuds, pure pleasure that leaves you wishing you could memorize the savor.

Many of you are probably thinking by now, where or where is this haven? Well, it is in a small town called Oiartzun near San Sebastian which is an amazing city to visit if you haven’t already been there. The restaurant is in a very typical style Basque country house with a stone façade and of course surround by greenery. The Basque Country is all about different shades of green.

Your next question is probably, who is behind such delection? The answer is all about family, two brothers; Hilario Arbelaitz and Eusebio along with Eusebio’s wife Aranxta. They use top quality products to produce Basque dishes with a modern feel to them. You can either choose dishes from the menu or you can go for a tasting menu.We decided on the first so we could pick the plates that seemed more appealing to us. To choose your wine you might need a bit of help because the wine menu is huge and it can be overwhelming but if you are a wine lover you are definitely going to enjoy glancing through it.


This was our meal…

One of the best appetizers I have ever had. A foie mousse with a XO gelatin and topped with a truffle cream.


Raviolis filled with crawfish and truffles


Egg cooked at low temperature with foie-gras cream, celery and truffles.


Truffle and foie-gras risotto with roasted young pigeon sauce.


Roasted hare râble with foie-gras toast, apple sauce and celery mousse. They even brought us a side of their perfect mashed potatoes. By now I didn’t know if I was still at the table or floating on cloud 9.


My husband went for the roasted pigeon, with liver toast and a turnip stuffed with mushrooms.


And for dessert their famous cheesecake, which I totally understand why everyone says you can’t miss it. It has been the best cheesecake that I have ever had.


To accompany our teas, petit fours. By now we were already starting to plan a return visit.


I am happy to say that this past week, Hilario Arbelaitz was awarded by Metropoli the Lifetime Achievement prize. Congratulations!



Araneder Bidea, Barrio Iturriotz
20180 OIARTZUN, Gipuzkoa.
Telephone: 943 49 12 28